About Jardis Industries Inc.


Founded in 1985, Jardis Industries Inc. designed, manufactured and installed automatic constant tension infeed systems for double width newspaper press.

In 1986 the product line was expanded to include single width infeed, web guides, ribbon decks and specialty engineering products.

Between 1989 and 1991 the Flying Paster and Festoon Splicer were added to the Jardis Product lines through the acquisition of the Cary and Ebway Companies.

In the mid 1990ís, Jardis Industries Inc. concentrated on creating enhancements for its product lines as well as enhancements to expand the capabilities of single width newspaper presses.

In the new millennium Jardis Industries continued to expand its product range into heatset printing through it subsidiary Global Drying Systems.

Jardis Industries is the world leading provider of advanced web control equipment for the newspaper and commercial printing Industry. It is constantly seeking and developing new products to increase productivity and profits for newspaper and commercial printers.

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