Chill Stands

JARDIS INDUSTRIES, INC. Chill Roll Outfeed Systems are custom tailored for each application. The JARDIS Chill Stand system provides a unique combination of efficient web cooling and a precision web out-feed speed control. Systems featuring two (2) to six (6) drums for vertical or horizontal dryer applications are available.

Double shell, spiral channeled chill roll construction is used in all applications for maximum heat transfer and uniform temperature distribution across each chill roll.

A harmonic drive transmission or independent motor drive is used to precisely control the surface speed of the chill rolls. Chill out-feed (gain) controls calibrated in 0.01% speed increments of the press "zero" gain to provide an accurate, repeatable, easily understood chill roll speed regulation. JARDIS INDUSTRIS, INC. Web Aligners, Silicone Applicators, and Compensators may be built into the chill stand, saving floor space and reducing web leads.

The JARDIS Servo Chill provides printers the optimum in web cooling technology and precision out-feed control, meaning inks are set at minimal energy costs while maintaining web control. The precision out-feed speed minimizes cutoff variation, wrinkling, and web breaks.

All JII Outfeeds feature:
  • Chrome plated, dynamically balanced, double wall, spiral insert chill drums.
  • All controls conveniently located on the operator side frame or press deck.
  • Rugged construction for the most demanding printing applications.
  • Each web pass can be independently disengaged.
  • Safety Covers and Guarding.
  • Grease lubrication points piped to central distribution plate.
  • Rotary water unions.
  • Factory plumbing to water inlet and return header.
  • Thermometer on the water exit end of each chill roll.
  • Factory plumbing to water inlet and return header.
  • Water shut off valves to isolate each chill roll.
  • Automatically activated nip roller or nip trolleys.
  • Available in multiple drum configurations.
  • Available in multiple web applications.
  • Harmonic drive transmission or independent motor drive.