FP Series Flying Pasters

JARDIS INDUSTRIES FP Series Flying Pasters provide fully automatic splicing capabilities at press speeds in excess of 75,000 Impressions per hour. Their unique linear design permits stacking FP Series Pasters up to four (4) pasters high, conserving floor space and reducing manning requirements. The FP Series Pasters incorporate a built-in automatic web tension control assuring stable color-to-color register even during the pasting cycle.

FP Series Pasters are manufactured in 1145mm (45") and 1270mm (50") paper reel diameter models, and in 1 meter (40") and 1270mm (50") reel widths. Each FP Paster can hold two (2) full paper reels. An addressable, motorized roll lifting hoist permits the operator to load paper reels into upper level pasters from the reel room floor level.

FP Series Flying Paster Features
  • Closed-loop Automatic Tension Control Up to 670N (150lbs) total web tension.

  • Fully automatic paste control.

  • Two (2) full diameter roll capacity.

  • Two (2) pneumatic core shafts per paster.

  • Motorized running sidelay 20mm (3/4") inch travel.

  • Addressable motorized roll lifting and traversing roll hoist.

FP Series Pasters provide extremely reliable high speed reel to reel pasting capability while delivering infeed quality web tension control. Printed waste during the pasting cycle is less than two (2) copies. Doubling, slurring, and mis-register are completely eliminated. The FP Series Pasters linear pasting principle allows FP Pasters to be stacked up to four(4) machines high, reducing floor space and manning requirements.

FP Series pasters eliminate roll change press stops, increase productivity, reduce paper waste, and reduce overall cost.