Floor Mounted Angle Bars

JII Floor Mounted Angle Bar systems increase presses product versatility and increases its color placement flexibility. Floor mounted angle bar systems are used to slit wide webs down to folder compatible widths and redirect the slit webs "Ribbons" into single or multiple folders. Color page placement options are expanded.

Plow folders can be adapted to angle bar arrangement to further expand the presses product range.

Standard Features
    Each Angle Bar System will slit a web into multiple ribbons and incorporates the following features:
  • One (1) full cut-off linear compensator located prior to the angle bar slitter section.
  • One (1) driven shear slitter station. Shear slitters are adjustable across the full web width. ±1/4" (6mm) running slitter position sidelay.
  • One (1) press driven full web draw roller with pneumatic nip trolleys.
  • Motorized chrome plated, air ported angle bars. Angle bars are reversible and have an eccentric angle bar fine adjustment positioner. Angle bars are driven throughout their entire travel length.
  • Full cut-off Linear Motorized Ribbon Compensators.
  • Rigidly cross braced 1 1/2" thick side frames with webbing access.