Pneumatic Nip Trolleys

For The Goss SSC Press

    The JARDIS INDUSTRIES PNT-25 Pneumatic Nip Trolley System for the Goss SSC provides pressmen with a repeatable means to set and adjust RTF nip trolley pressure.
    RTF nip trolley pressures can be adjusted from floor level, eliminating the need to climb above a running folder.
    PNT-25 Pneumatic Nip Trolleys remove the guesswork inherent to conventional manual trolley adjustment. Precise, repeatable trolley adjustments are now attainable with PNT-25 Pneumatic Nip Trolleys.

    The JARDIS INDUSTRIES PNT-25 Pneumatic Nip Trolley System converts the existing trolley system from manual spring loaded operation to pneumatic operation. Existing trolley wheels, trolley brackets, and mounting shafts are retained and utilized.

    Standard Features
    • Mounting Brackets to reposition the two (2) nip trolleys and one (1) shear slitter above each RTF roller.
    • Three (3) pneumatic trolley conversion kits.
    • One (1) pneumatic slitter assembly conversion kit.
    • Control station with individual slitter pressure regulators and gauges.
For The Goss Urbanite Press
    The JARDIS INDUSTRIES PNT-50 Pneumatic Nip Trolley Conversion System package provides precise web to RTF roller nip pressure control which is critical when running multiple webs over the RTF roller.
    The System package consists of four (4) pneumatic trolleys and a control box equipped with two (2) gauges and regulators.

    Standard Features
    • Mounting brackets to reposition four (4) nip trolleys above each RTF roller.
    • Four (4) pneumatic nip trolley conversion kits.
    • Control station containing two (2) regulators (one per pair), two (2) gauges, and two (2) On / Off valves.