Automatic Infeeds

Automatic Infeed Systems by JARDIS INDUSTRIES, INC. provide the precise web tension required to maintain 4 color printing quality and register in modern high speed offset printing presses. A closed-loop tension feedback system featuring a low mass floating roller system is used to monitor the running web tension and compensates for incoming web tension variances. A properly tensioned web eliminates register variation, slurring, and doubling. JARDIS INDUSTRIES, INC. infeeds deliver quality printing job with minimal waste.

Jardis Industries Inc. C-ALL webguide systems can be built into all JI Infeed systems to provide precise edge or centerline web position control.

Infeed Models to suit all Press Arrangements

JARDIS INDUSTRIES, INC. Infeed Web Tensioning Systems

  • Eliminate Register Variation
  • Reduce Makeready Waste
  • Eliminate slurring and doubling
  • Increase Profits