Ribbon Decks

Folder Mounted Ribbon Decks
    Model 6/12 Ribbon Pak

    JARDIS INDUSTRIES RD612 Ribbon Paks expand the variety of products printers can produce from their press. Twelve page square or indexed tabloids, six (6) page broadsheets or eight (8) page booklets can be obtained from one web!

    JII Ribbon Decks expand a presses color capabilities by providing the printer the ability to print a full width color web and re-positioning segments of it prior to final fold operations.

    • Driven shear slitters.
    • Driven full web draw roller with pneumatic nip trolleys.
    • Four (4) chrome plated, air ported, motorized angle bars.
    • Three (3) motorized linear cutoff compensators.
    • Driven rollers rear of bars for ribbons over the former.
    • Support structure with platforming and handrailing, for positioning of the Ribbon Pak above the press folder.