Ribbon Decks

Unit Mounted Ribbon Decks
    BW-4000 Bay Window Interleave Packages
      JARDIS INDUSTRIES BW-4000 expands multi-web press flexibility by adding full web interleave capability. Color placement into the folder is no longer restricted by unit positions in the press row. Webs may also be inverted to switch color position from top of web to bottom relative to the folder RTF.

      JARDIS INDUSTRIES BWS-4000S further expands press capabilities by adding a slitter to the standard BW-4000. This slitter allows the slitting of one (1) web into two (2) halves, passing half through the deck and interleaving the other half web among the other webs on the press. This feature permits repositioning half webs, two pages of broadsheet or four pages of tabloid product to a more prominent position within the product. It is especially appreciated by printers whose multi-web presses have a limited number of color webs.

    RD-6 Ribbon Realigner
      JARDIS INDUSTRIES RD-6 will allow production of a 6 Page broadsheet or a 12 Page square tabloid from a 36" web. A full web entering the RD-6 is turned 90 degrees to the press, slit into two ribbons, and each ribbon is then redirected over the folder former board for broadsheet production or slit on the RTF for tabloid format.

      • The RD-6 features 36" web capacity.
      • Driven shear slitter with one slitting head.
      • Driven full web width draw roller with pneumatic nip trolleys.
      • Chrome plated angle bars, drilled and ported for low pressure air.
      • One (1) ribbon compensator.
      • One (1) angle bar / compensator control station.