Silicone Applicators

JARDIS INDUSTRIES, INC. Silicone Applicators provide an economical means of lubricating and moisturizing paper webs. Models to aaply a water and silicone solution on on or both sides of a web are available.

All JII Silicone applicators feature a press speed tracking coating roller application control. Coating heads are automatically engaged and disengaged to the web on press starts and stops. Applicator controls may also be remotely located.

JII Silicone applicatores may be incorperated with JII Chill Stands, Webguides and Compensator systems to conserve space.

"The economical answer to the printers quality and control problems."

JII Silicone Applicator:
  • Eliminate ink marking from angle bars, former boards, grippers, choppers and delivery belts.
  • Eliminate static electricity.
  • Control web curl into sheeter.
  • Reduce ink set off between facing pages.
  • Reduce or eliminate "bundle blocking"