Motorized Register System MP2000

The JARDIS INDUSTRIES MP2000 Motorized Register System significantly reduces start-up waste caused by color mis-registration. Circumferential and lateral registration correction can now be made from the press console. Pressmen are no longer required to climb up to individual printing units to make a register change. With the MP2000, sidelay and circumferential register adjustments can be made with the touch of a button! MP2000 Motorized Register Systems can be coupled to closed loop color-to-color register systems.
The MP2000 Motorized Register Control System gives pressmen the automation required to remotely set and adjust color register on today’s vertical press arrangements.

MP2000 motorization can be adapted to:
  • Goss - SSC, C150, Magnum, Urbanite and Metro presses
  • Tensor presses
  • DGM 430 & 850
  • DEV presses
  • Harris V series
  • Solna Presses
Standard Features:
  • Sidelay drive motors, gear/screw mechanism and adaptor plates for both the #10 and #13 side plate cylinder sidelay register control, and #10 side plate cylinder circumferential register control.
  • Motors have limit shut-off and the systems have mechanical override.
  • Unit mounted termination blocks are pre-wired for ease of installation and interconnection to motor control panels.